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Discover the Simple System You Can Use
to Quickly and Easily
Teach Your Child Spanish...

...even if you don't speak a word of Spanish yourself! 

For just 15 minutes a day,
you can enjoy plenty of fun, simple, and interactive
Spanish activities to do with your child
every day.

  From the desk of:
  Jessica L. Roberts
  Date :

Have you always wanted to get your child started learning a second language but wasn't sure how? Or, maybe you've spent hundreds of dollars on Spanish language books, cds, and programs but quickly grew tired of them? Or, perhaps you want to interact more with your child in Spanish, but you hesitate because you don't know what to do or what to say?

Well, take heart because I’m going to show you how you can quickly and easily teach your child simple Spanish in just a few minutes a day, using a couple of fun “tools” from your child’s toybox.


My name is Jessica Roberts.  I'm a certified English teacher in the New York City Public School System.  I've taught English and Reading to over 750 students for 5 years. For the past 6 years, I've been teaching my own children the fundamentals in English and in Spanish, so believe me when I tell you that I know EXACTLY what it takes to introduce language concepts to developing young minds!

Our bilingual journey started shortly before our first daughter was born in 2002. My husband and I come from families that only speak English, so we don't have Spanish-speaking relatives to send her to in the summer. Our tight budget meant no family vacations to Puerto Rico or Mexico. Spanish immersion programs and schools proved to be too expensive to continually keep up, not to mention the time consumed traveling outside of the neighborhood.

So what were we to do?

Can English-only speaking parents really teach their child Spanish?

I spent countless hours on the internet searching for the best possible approaches to accomplish this feat. We learned how to create a Spanish immersion environment in our home which included establishing a Spanish Time--30 minutes a day trying our best to speak only Spanish. We've always liked this approach even if in the beginning we ended up naming things like parts of the body, objects around the house, and colors.

We also spent hundreds of dollars buying Spanish-English bilingual books, programs and audios to help teach our daughter Spanish. While we did learn a great deal of Spanish ourselves, we found that playing the same cd or watching the same video over and over again quickly became old.

Eventually, there came a point when I felt that my daughter needed more Spanish than we could give, especially if we wanted her to understand and speak Spanish. So we did a number of things: we signed her up for Spanish music classes, hired a Spanish-speaking babysitter, and when she was about 3 years old, we enrolled her in a Spanish-immersion playgroup. As our family grew, though, we had to forego all of these wonderful Spanish learning experiences.

Did this mean we had to forego the dream of our daughter becoming bilingual as well?


In fact, everything we've done with our daughter at home has worked! There have been several occasions where native Spanish speakers commented on her Spanish. I'll always remember the time when she was in the Spanish immersion playgroup. At the end of the class, her teacher told me that my daughter understands the language very well and her pronunciation is "so good." The director happened to be there too and she said, "Yes, and she didn't even learn that from us."

That's because she learned that from us
monolingual parents who want their child to learn to speak Spanish.

And you know what? With the right resources and a simple plan, your child can learn Spanish from you too!

Experts have said that children learn language best when they're immersed in that language actively participating in the language in a natural and exploratory way.

Full immersion can be difficult, however, if you or anyone else in your household don't speak the language fluently. Other alternatives such as hiring a Spanish-speaking caretaker or enrolling your child in Spanish-immersion programs can become quite costly.

With our practical, easy-to-use Spanish lesson plans packed with fun teaching ideas, Spanish worksheets and coloring pages, your child can learn to speak Spanish--even if you do not speak the language yourself.

Spanish Lesson Plans Teach Child Words Phrases WorksheetsDiscovering Spanish with Children, a Spanish lesson plan guide, could help save you time and money because you learn how to create a Spanish immersion environment in your home; you learn how to establish Spanish Time in your family routine; you get the activities and words to say during Spanish Time; and you get a variety of teaching ideas to reinforce Spanish learning with your child every day.

And the further into the lessons you get, the more confident you'll become in using Spanish with your child--progressing more and more to full-immersion Spanish Time.

Discovering Spanish with Children was designed for Spanish interaction with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners--the age that's readily eager to absorb second and even third languages!

"I'm so delighted with the ideas I tried out so far!"

"Hola, Jessica,

Thanks for the follow up message.  I am so delighted with the ideas
I tried out so far.  I am a teacher of K to 3rd grade students (8 different classes).  I had just started the colors lessons with K when I came across your website.  What a wonderful endeavor.

I love the "bibity, boboty boop" and so do the kids!  I've used it with K & 1st.  They also like the Freeze Game and I adapted it a little to include objects in the room.

I can't wait to try the other ideas and hope you continue to come up with more.  You have definitely gained a permanent customer!"

Mary C.., K to 3rd grade teacher in Virginia

Here Are Some Powerful and Unique Features
You'll Receive in This 100-page e-book!

  1. 6, 30-45 minute immersion-type Spanish lesson plans that can be used once or twice a week.
  1. 30, 10-minute mini-lessons to reinforce Spanish learning every day.
  1. lesson plans based on topics/concepts taught in early childhood education.
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Numbers/counting
  • My family
  • My body
  • The 5 senses
  1. topic/concept-related coloring pages, worksheets, and craft projects.
  1. lessons cater to various learning styles (visual, auditory, hands-on)
  1. integrates various modes of learning (active movement, visual, music and singing, verbal exchange and plenty of practice in context)
  1. use suggested resources or Spanish resources you already have.
  1. learn everyday, real life Spanish words and phrases.
  1. side-by-side English and Spanish translations.
  1. Spanish pronunciation guides.

Plus much more (y mucho mas)!

“We are having a blast!”

“ have gotten me more motivated with a plan to incorporate Spanish into our daily lives.  We are having a blast!  My son is having so much fun he doesn't know he's learning!  I now have in my library Spanish books to use along with...your activities and lesson plans.

"I just wanted to say thanks!"

Amy E., mother of a 2 year-old son in FL

There are so many different Spanish learning products out there: bilingual books, dvds, audios, software and programs. Discovering Spanish with Children is unique because our program is not about selling a cd, dvd or book, but it teaches you how to pull all of those resources together and organize them around commonly-taught early childhood topics and concepts.

Our Spanish lesson plans and worksheets are not based on a particular cd or a particular book. Discovering Spanish with Children allows you to use the music cds, books and programs that you may already have, and if you don't already have them, it points you in the direction to some good ones.

Also, Discovering Spanish with Children supports parents with little or no Spanish knowledge by providing simple, usable Spanish words and phrases in the lessons and worksheets, side-by-side English and Spanish translations, and written out pronunciation guides.

So in a nutshell, you'll want a language program that is flexible and simple to implement into your family routine, includes beginning reading in the new language, verbal exchange, truly integrated with several components for learning, affordable and most of all FUN!

This innovative resource is one that will last and last--you're not using the same resources in the same boring way.

Think about it. If you'd like to:

  1. give your child's brain a boost catapulting her to the head of the class in reading and math scores and critical thinking skills.
  1. confidently teach your child with simple Spanish lesson plans.
  1. interact with your child in the Spanish language using a nurturing and fun approach.
  1. broaden your childs potential to becoming an active participant in our increasingly growing global economy.
  1. lay the foundation for your child to communicate with another world population.
  1. improve family relationship because learning to speak Spanish together offers a unifying activity which doesn't require you to drive your kids anywhere or be in a dozen places at once.
  1. save money by using the Spanish resources you already have because lesson plans are not based on a particular book or song but on common preschool topics.
  1. save yourself time by considering the suggested resources that are already tried and successful with children.
  1. immediately access at least 3 months worth of Spanish lessons plans, worksheets, activities and ideas right at your fingertips.
  1. have help with Spanish pronunciation
  1. beam with delight as you watch and hear your child enthusiastically use Spanish in play and everyday life

Then Discovering Spanish with Children is your one-of-a-kind Spanish learning resource, created to help you and other English-speaking parents help their children learn to speak Spanish.

Boca Beth Had Great Things to Say
About Our Lesson Plans

"Wow! What a great and comprehensive first lesson!”


Great way to pull all of these components (music and singing, fun Spanish-learning activities, Spanish-speaking practice) together Jessica.”


To her newsletter readers:  “...I sure do use some of her ideas with my own 3 kids and when I go out to preschools and elementary schools!”


 Beth Butler,
 founder of the multi-award winning Boca Beth bilingual  program

Proceed with Confidence in Your Bilingual Journey

You're a parent who understands the importance of raising your child to be bilingual. With Discovering Spanish with Children, you can stop wondering how to do it. This invaluable resource can help you proceed with confidence in your ability to

  • have meaningful verbal exchanges with your child in Spanish
  • create a multi-media classroom for your child catering to various modes of learning
  • stay on track for the long term with your family's commitment to learning to speak Spanish

But I've barely touched on the total wealth of information youve finally come across.

Discovering Spanish with Children was created by a parent who wants her children to be bilingual in English and Spanish. Drawing from my experience as a certified public school English teacher, I was able to write simple, yet engaging and dynamic Spanish lesson plans to teach my own children the language.

Even if I charged only $10 an hour, look at what you're getting:

The benefit of hundreds of dollars worth of my time and effort:

  • researching the best approaches for teaching Spanish and useful resources
  • writing out the lessons and activities
  • doing the lessons with my kids
  • providing English and Spanish translations and pronunciations for each and every lesson
  • getting professionally drawn illustrations for the Spanish worksheets, coloring pages, and craft projects
  • photographing finished work
  • AND putting it all together in a great Spanish lesson plan resource for you!

You can have this excellent Spanish teaching resource, Discovering Spanish with Children Vol. 1 e-book, for only $24.95. (Printed copies also available.)

Spanish Lesson Plans Teach Child Words Phrases Worksheets

There's MORE!

VALUE: $47.00 FREE

Here's What You'll Need to
Quickly and Easily
Teach Your Child the Spanish Alphabet.

Inside Discovering Spanish with Children Alphabet and Vowels ebook, you'll get...

  • a clear audio and easy-to-learn Spanish alphabet song,
  • Spanish alphabet chart with pronunciation guide,
  • fun Spanish worksheets to reinforce each letter (including ch, ll, and ),
  • a clear audio and easy-to-learn Spanish vowels song,
  • Spanish vowels chart with pronunciation guide.

VALUE: $19.97 FREE

Let your child know he or she is
Doing great! in Spanish

You don't have to be stuck like my husband and I were, saying muy bien every time we wanted to encourage our children in Spanish.

You can get our list of over 50 words and phrases to praise and encourage your child in Spanish. It comes complete with clear audio.

VALUE: $24.97 FREE

Hear what the Spanish words and phrases
sound like!

Get the support you need to interact in Spanish with your child.  This bonus contains the audio files for all 6 lesson plans.  You will hear the Spanish words and phrases in English and Spanish for the interactive questions, storytime questions and even the worksheets.  

90-day risk free guarantee!

Take a full 90 days to examine and use the Spanish lesson plans and activities in Discovering Spanish with Children. Yes, you have 90 days to put this valuable eBook guide to work in your home with your child.

If within that time you aren't completely satisfied, you can request a full refund. You will get to keep the free bonuses as my gift to you!

Give the Gift of a Lifetime

Wouldn't you agree that now is the time to start laying down a solid foundation for your child to learn to speak Spanish as a second language? And for a few minutes a day with a plan and the right resources, you and your child will be well on your way to discovering a new world with language.

If you've decided that exploring and experiencing the beauty of Spanish with your child--PLUS having the help of a resource filled with engaging and fun Spanish lesson plans and activities--is worth $37.95 $24.95 and don't forget the 3 unique bonuses worth $100.00

Then seize this gift of a lifetime today and Click Below To OrderGet instant access to Discovering Spanish with Children Vol. 1 e-book and bonuses, so you can be teaching your child Spanish in the next five minutes! 

To order the e-book (electronic book), click on the button below.

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Jessica L. Roberts


P.S. Not only will you teach your child Spanish and enjoy having fun teaching your child how to speak Spanish fluently and properly, but you're going to get:

  1. The Discovering Spanish with Children Alphabet and Vowels e-Book stacked with Spanish worksheets, charts, and audio and,
  2. our list of over 50 Spanish words of praise and encouragement complete with audio.
  3. audio files for all 6 lesson plans.
P.S.S. Remember, you have nothing to lose as you have 12 weeks in which to request a 100% refund if Discovering Spanish with Children Vol. 1 is not completely satisfactory to you!

Printed Copies

Printed, spiral-bound copies of Discovering Spanish with Children Vol. 1 are available for purchase. Click here to order a printed copy.

If you live abroad and the shipping costs make it expensive, consider buying the ebook (PDF) and have it printed and spiral bound at your local printing shop.

Order a printed copy today.

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